Frequently Asked Questions (when lost in translation)

How does it work?

Mamadans provides private sessions at home or in the studio and occasionally group workshops about the benefits of dancing during pregnancy, giving birth and rebuilding your postpartum body while bonding with your baby. When you call me or fill in the contact form we can schedule a call to discuss your request and answer questions.

How much does it cost and is there any discount I can apply for?

Prizes vary according to time and size of groups. A private session for two of 1,5 hour costs 90 euro’s. There are workshops starting from 17,50 euros. When purchasing series of sessions or workshops there is a discount. At times there are promotions with discount, ask if there is one valid. Inquire about the price for the activity of your choice and if by any chance a promotion with discount is valid.

Where is it located?

Yhe Mama Dans studio in Leiden is on walking distance of the central train and bus station. Be aware that car parking is paid trough out the neighbourhood. Workshops are in Leiden, The Hague, and beyond. A private session takes place at your house or on request at the studio.

Are there activities in English?

Private sessions can be in English. Workshops are usually in Dutch, but I do speak English fluently due to my stay abroad and I can translate on the spot for you. Since we dance a lot, language is not really an issue. Also most participants understand English, so whenever you speak English in a group, we understand you.

Do I need to subscribe somewhere?

It is recommended to send me a message at assia@mamadans.nl or via the contact form on the website. Please tell me your desired activity, starting date, your full name and due date/ birth date of your baby.

Is it safe for my baby and my body?

We do easy and gentle movements and I invite you to stay tuned to your body and baby during activities. The movements are especially designed for pregnant women and women who recently gave birth. However, you take responsibility for your health and that of your baby and you need to ask your health care provider what activities are advised in your situation.

What type of music do you play?

For private sessions you can send me your playlist if you wish. For group workshops we listen to a wide range of music rhythms: Latin, Eastern, African, Western Pop music, folk, classical, meditation, Caribbean

Listen to this playlist and hear for yourself: